The Latino Business Student Association (LBSA) is excited to welcome you into our familia. We currently have more than 20 active alumni and more than 30 active members. When you join LBSA, you are never alone. We provide you the resources you will need to be a successful college student. Our goal is to help you obtain scholarships, internships, and jobs. We also share networking opportunities and local events. Once in a while, we host social activities. The purpose of these social activities is to get to know you better.

For the 2018-2019 school year, we are hosting bi-weekly meetings where we invite guest speakers to discuss about the job industry that they work in. We have also implemented business tours where we take a group of students to the headquarters of local businesses in San Diego! Please share with us where you would like to tour next and we can make it happen! Then, on February 28th, 2019, we will be hosting our 3rd annual Dress For Success Fashion Show. Stay tuned for those details!

I just want to say congratulations on taking action for your education and getting involved on campus. You are already one step ahead!

Best wishes,

Erika Venegas