LBSA First Meeting Recap

LBSA First Meeting Recap

This past Thursday, we invited Karin Iwasaka from the Career Center for a Professional Dress and Pitch Workshop. She provided great tips on how to dress professionally and create an effective pitch:

  • If you’re not sure what attire is appropriate in your workplace, look at the attire of people one or two levels above you.
  • Have your outfit freshly cleaned and pressed along with a neat hairstyle that keeps long hair off your face. 
  • The Cougar Career Closet provides free professional clothing for all students. They are located in the Career Center in Craven 1400. For more information, click here.
  • Things to include in your pitch are:
    • Who you are: your major and credentials
    • What you want: show your passion and motivation towards your goal
    • What do you bring to the table: apply your skills and cater it to the employer
  • The Career Center provides free career guidance videos through Candid Careers.

Reminder: We are now accepting applications for our Ambassador program! The positions open for the program are Marketing Director and Membership & Recruitment Director. The deadline to submit your application is March 14th. The application can be found here.

We hope you apply!

Johnny Ceballos 
Membership and Recruitment Director