Meeting Recap (11/29)

Meeting Recap (11/29)

Hola Familia,

We hope you enjoyed our meeting with guest speaker Simone Talarico-Ross! We discussed how social media has changed marketing:

  • Consumers rely more on word of mouth through social media when purchasing a product.
  • Marketing has shifted from being a one way conversation that is intrusive, to being a conversation between the seller and buyer that serves the customer.
  • 80% of business comes from returning customers, it’s important to market towards this audience that is easier to sell to.

Here is the PowerPoint for this Meeting: PowerPoint

Note: We are holding elections for the Treasurer, Internal Director, and External Director positions on December 6th! Please fill out this application if you are interested in running for a position at the December 6th meeting.

Reminder: We will be having a Christmas Party to be held on either December 14th or December 15th at 5 P.M. Vote on the date that you prefer using this survey!


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